Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beyonce "Video Phone" feat Lady Gaga

So of course I have to review Beyonce's new music video to one of my favorites from the I Am... Sasha Fierce album, "Video Phone" featuring Lady Gaga.

First, I'm glad this video is bright with VIVID colors unlike her last five videos which have been muted or black&white.
The strut is killer in the opening sequence. Get it Bey!!
blonde bang & shades a lil rihannaish but still fly..
i think its cool how the guys heads are camera lenses and keep zoomin in & out of her- artistically different..

okay she is channeling her inner Queen. This is a classic gay man move "Leyomi ABDC.." & strippers do it too. the swing pony tail thingy bounce.. (1:00 mark)
She's such a texas girl :)
You see how intense her roll pops are?? thats how you keep ya man girlllll....

(1:43) Upgrade you video flashback minus JayZ.. she looks thinner too. All that touring has thinned Bey DOWN..

(2:02) This is the classic club move.. if any of my girls know bout that rump shaker move. You gotta do this on a guy. kills em. very easy.. especially if you have backs/cakes.. or just know how to rock that thang :)

I don't get why she has these toy guns tho. A lil awkward.. not needed. i hate this part

Lady Gaga's verse is a bit weak. I was expecting some pokerface/paparazzi/just dance-ish lyrics. guess not. ( Hubba Hubba?! REally bitch? uh uh... try again)

She looks pale and skinny next to Bey.. she's trying to dance it out tho. Nice effort. Kinda cute..

Bey shoulda had me in the video with her. I woulda KILLT IT!!!

catch that snide remark Bey threw @ gaga "turn you into a star i got it like that" in her JayZ face whilst glancin at Gaga?? okay just me huh...
(2:55) tiddy grab. *giggles*

I like how Gaga is doing her best Beyonce impersonation tho. Still i can do it better :)

Great video. I like it. Bey is just doing classic grind moves & showing you why Jay is with HER & not some groupie chick-- cuz Bey got it LIKE that..

"cuz when i miss yo call i hit you RIGHT back.." Jay has that ACT RIGHT (ahem listen to Teairra Mari's song by the same title. Good music.. i promise :)

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