Sunday, November 29, 2009


Im always in awwwkward situations. like tonight. lap dances?? umm excuse me.. how old are we now?? im 21. i dont need a lap dance from a frat guy just to get the "party" started. I just came down to socialize. If i KNEW this was the way this was gonna end up, trust i'd stayed on that orange couch and called it a DAY. ANYWHO--- Im really not a fan of guys touching on my ass and shit.. and i DONT like kissing. eww.

His lb was like ur not into this are you?? NOPE. Not at all..

Then he asked me why did i come?? like just to see you.. guess i was WRONG. ughhh.

I just hate guys. Boys. smh ima keep my game face on. said i neverr wanted to "fuck" him. hmm. well this MAY be true.. but yeahh. Ima keep this short & say you are sooo GAY.

"you see, u ppl will learn that i am NOT impressed by letters on your jacket. if i wanna rub on a dick, i have plentyy to choose from"

"i know im single and all but damn, NOT desperate.. smh. Bored-- VERY but i dont need to rub on a dick or get kissed on by guys i dnt like"

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