Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm Not Anti-Weave...

I'm just against visible tracks. With all the new hood trends such as closure pieces and invisible parts, there is NO way any female should spend that much money on weave if she's gonna let the damn track show! Isn't the purpose of the weave to make it look like its YOUR hair? Nah man. In 2011 its just a fucking accessory. I'm still a fan of sew ins. Can't get with the quick weave culture OR the i'm lazy so i'ma just put a bang across my head & say fuck covering the track -____-

Maybe I'm just old school. Maybe I'm not accustomed to the new wave of weave trends sweeping the nation. Maybe I am not in the "know" anymore... I've had plenty of weaves in my day and NEVER have I ever had a track out. The color always matched my natural hair color. The texture was always the same. *sigh*

Oh well. Lacefronts can either be your best friend or you worst enemy. Until then, me & my fro are doing just fine.

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