Friday, February 18, 2011

Tiggy Tiggy Timbo Walk Side Walk

Megan, Mea, Jamiere & I spent hours in the basement & third floors of HH at Spelman freshman year watching vogue battles on youtube. We found a particular girl that we LOVED-- Miss Tia Jourdan. We randomly started using their lingo and incorporated it into our everyday lives. We even tried to do the dances... Of course that didn't work out well... AT ALL. Tiggy Tiggy Timbo.. You Blonde Bitch.. Yassss! SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!! Stay in your pose Rico!!!--- Will forever remain in my hearts. I miss yall whores!!! Why can't we go back to the old days.... *sigh* Can you imagine four freshman from Cali, Texas, Nola & ATL coming together & being the BEST of friends and forming a love of gay culture? Duck walking in the parking lot and down Peachtree?? Magical.

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