Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Legged Crow

RIP Christmas..
We look awesome here.. ;)
Tonya, me, Bryanna, Josh, Dar, & Quen at the "One Legged Crow"
As you can see, I was having a great time at the bar with Josh & Quen
i ♥ Tonya
Naomi was fascinated with my hair...

i'm sure this was a Rihanna song.. "Only Girl In The World"
That damn rose

I absolutely LOVE this pic so I had to post it again. I look very good here. Check that thigh. You see that muscle?! Girlll.. can't tell me nothing.
Also, I've realized that I look like I'm at least 5'10" in most pics. Not only because my friends are midgets, but I have long ass legs, big hair and I'm always in heels. Like my friends aren't that short. Tonya is 5'4" I believe & I'm only 5'6".. I just look wayyy taller.

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