Saturday, February 26, 2011

Punk Ass Otis

So much shit has happened lately. Finally told Otis bitch ass where he could STICK it. So I'm outside of Tonya's apartment giving these items I bought online to a friend of mine when an SUV pulls up beside me. At first I just figured they needed to get by since I was bent over and blocking traffic with my rather large arse, until they stopped. As the car slows down I see that it is the bitch named Otis who begins to roll his window down, smiling from ear to ear & is trying to get at me. *slow eye roll* Before he could get out the "Hey what's up?" I was already in full fledge ghetto Bee mode yelling out a bunch of obscenities (in a non yelling tone of course.. i'm not that ghetto & there were Caucasians around. Can't act up to much during Black History Month) that went something like "Nigga don't hey what's up me with your ol lying ass! Oh I want you huh? I'm always calling to get with you? REALLY? and you dont know how I got your number?? And your ass was STILL calling me private until I changed my number?!" All the while I'm trying to reach through the window as he's rolling it up. THEN I go to open the door and this fucker has the audacity to lock it! He's SUCH a bitch nigga. I just want to slap him. That's it. That's all I want to do. Punch him. Slap him. Not because he lied, as he's done numerous times before... but because of the simple fact that he's actually making people believe that I WANT HIM. I don't want HIM! I haven't wanted him since I had him. Barely wanted his ass then. I was just young... Don't lie on me. That's ridiculous. I had my 4698 number since 2003-2004. He's had it since 2005. Of course I wouldn't have to get his number from any fucking body since his ass is steady CALLING me... But he hasn't since I changed my number in January & he will NOT get this one. Not only were you lying on me but you AND your baby mama decide to talk about me. To make her feel better, you felt the need to lie about me? Then she carries those lies to her job with a bunch of other nonsense? Yea. Real. Fucking. Classy.

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