Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Matter What People Say..

My name has been the main topic for years, so i'm used to people talking about me. I think its kind of refreshing.. Ok, not really.. But I do feel as if i am somewhat a celebrity.. In my mind at least.

but anywho, the only thing I feel like I should protect is my integrity. If its not true, I feel the sudden urge to you know blast the naysayers (is that right?) lol I mean if you're gonna say something, at least make sure its the TRUTH.

Why should I have to justify anything that I have done? Why should I have to go through the long list of "rumors" and check true or false or correct when the information is slighty misconstruyed??

If anyone knows the truth, it should be me. Hell, I have no problem letting YOU know whats really going on, but of course we live in an age where women are still grouped in a category of being "loose" just because we choose to do what we want. One, I'm not a virgin. Whew. Two, if I have sex with Mike, Joey, and Eric thats totally MY business. Haha.

And is it against the law to be close friends with guys?? There are many guys who i've spent the night with and nothing happened. No kissing or anything.. Hmmm..
But its just being in a small environment people LOVE to run there mouths and speak on things they know nothing of. I hope none of these GUYS are the ones who are saying this.. Probably so. Oh well.

All in all, I still don't think that anyone has the right to call anyone else something other than there name.. Judge me all you want. clearly I could care LESS. If only you knew the TRUTH; that would make an AWESOME novel.. but of course you don't. So all I can say is keep talking.. be it true, completely false or somewhat true..

So listen to Can't Hold Us Down by Christina Aguilera, you'd appreciate it. Or No Matter What People say by Lil' Kim..


fuck the double standard..

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