Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oxy & the Moron

oxymoron [oksi‐mor‐on] (plural ‐mora), a figure of speech that combines two usually contradictory terms in a compressed paradox, as in the word bittersweet or the phrase living death.
everyone's dying to stand out yet conformity is inevitable.
funny how nobody wants to be an outcast, they're all wanting to just fit in.

life is a contradiction?
we're either spending too much time trying to fit into this mold of how society says we should be OR trying to desperately break out of that SAME mold to prove we are all individuals.
WE ARE EQUAL.. but we think we are different.
We are not the same; yet we are?

life is confusing?

i am a woman. i am a man. i am a boy. i am a girl. i am male. i am female.so we are different?
i am human. you are human. they are human. we are human.yet we are just alike?
we part our hair in the middle; sameness! my part is to the right, hers is to the left; individualist :)
"I am unlike any man you have ever met.." says a guy, to which I eagerly respond:
"Surprisingly, every man I have met has told me the exact same line- so you are the same"

I understand we are different. Lil Wayne says "WE ARE NOT THE SAME-- I AM A MARTIAN" trying to prove this theory.. But I'm a martian too! So he lied...
49% of you are dying to fit in..49% of you are trying to stand out..2% of you are too young to know or too old to care.

remember how Oxy went and got J's for school so every Moron followed in his footsteps?? remember when Moron wanted to be cool & upgraded to Vans so Oxy and the gang followed suit, because you know Vans were "cool".

Oxy had loooong hair, Moron didn't. Moron got extensions, she has long hair too. Oxy was tired of her long hair, cut it short. They called her Rihanna; she was trying to be different though.
Throwback/Old Skool/Retro~ that doesn't equal different; just repetitive or recycled.the New Retro??


EQUAL (1): of the same measure, quantity, amount, or number as another (2): identical in mathematical value or logical denotation : equivalent b: like in quality, nature, or status c: like for each member of a group, class, or society synonyms: same

DIFFERENT1: partly or totally unlike in nature, form, or quality : dissimilar 2: not the same: as a: distinct b: various c: another3: unusual , special

I'm trying to be different, yet I'm dying to fit in.

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