Sunday, November 23, 2008

such a nice guy..

So me. I am such a bitch. Why? I know exactly why they come around. I know exactly why they choose to communicate with me. Its that DARN profile picture. The infamous ass is what they love. They heard the rumors so they want to see what I am ALL about. Haha, he's still here....

Whew. Now he's gone, just left.. its like 6:33am..

They see this image of someone who may just be that hung up on the outter that she completely will do what you think or want her to do. I did it to prove a point. Please go RUN tell that small bit of information. I am not a dumb girl. Of course you may think that I am such an easy one to get but the reality of the situation is, I'm not. I am a very open minded and sexual person.. Which in no way is synonymous with promiscuity. When will be able to open our minds to what is real and what's not. People are so simple minded. I will be the first to let you know that I like sex. I really enjoy it. Will I have a one night stand- haven't had one yet, but I doubt it.. 99% chance that I won't.. Will I have sex with a random guy.. NO. Will I have sex with you just because you're cute?? Ha.. NO. But there are persons who I was not romantically involved with that I had sex with. We were really good friends. Most still are friends of mine. But of course its the ones that you DON'T give the vajayjay to who are umm kind of UPSET. Thats what the rumors come from, the guys who do NOT get it. They are the only ones who are upset. So yeah.. He was such a nice guy.. Thinking that just because he complimented me on my ass meant that he would get it. Ha. NO. I find it very funny that he thought that me saying that NOTHING would happen wouldn't transcend into just that, nothing. So he left here, unpleased. In a huff. Mad. Ha. Thats life. Called me a little girl. I get it. You thought I would just be another quick and easy. So the opposite. If you really wanted to get Me, should not have said those things that painted the perfect picture of how all you wanted was sex. Damn. Anywho, this concludes my rambling. Hope he reads this.

Ha, he just text'd me.. Its 6:40am

He said I'm a bogus motherfucka. Very bogus Am I. Umm some comedian Pierre hit me up on myspace (yes, i still have myspace.. LOVES it).. Invited me to a comedy show of his.. Every Tuesday at Flambeaux. I'm going to remember that. Maybe i'll go. Peacee.

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♥ Jasmine Charnelle said...

girl i really feels you...and funny how i was just about to write a blog about sexuality lol...we should collab sum time =)