Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Am... Sasha Fierce!

so anyone who knows me should know that my favorite CELEBRITY/SINGER of all time is the one and only Beyonce Giselle Knowles..Yes its safe to say that I AM obsessed. I know its sickening but I ONLY buy Beyonce Albums, everyone else i merely listen to on imeem, youtube or download for FREE. haha, just because i LOVE Bey~


so i'm listening to the songs now.. and this is my personal review...

so i'm totally torn.. can't decide on the side i prefer..well my faves are of courseIf i were a boy, Halo, Disappear, Single Ladies, Diva, Video Phone, Hello etc..oh snap, how could i have overlooked Ave Maria, EGO, Broken-Hearted Girl,

Video Phone is a bit sexual.. like really Bey, you want him to film you?? FREAK.

and Ego is a bit Risque.. too much, too big, can back it up?? haha you crazy Bey..

Diva is typical Bey..loves it.

I Am..
01. If I Were A Boy 4:10

02. Halo 4:21

03. Disappear 4:28

04. Broken-Hearted Girl 4:38

05. Ave Maria 3:41

06. Smash Into You 4:31

07. Satellites 3:08

08. That's Why You're Beautiful 3:41

Sasha Fierce
01. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) 3:13

02. Radio 3:38

03. Diva 3:20

04. Sweet Dreams 3:28

05. Video Phone 3:35

06. Hello 4:16

07. Ego 3:56

08. Scared Of Lonely 3:42

BUY IT :) :) :)

UPDATE:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So the more i listen to the cd the more i realize that artistically speaking, this is classic..

I mean, I think this is Dangerously In Love type good.. Beyonce has stepped out of the typical and stereotypical R&B/Hip Hop-ish feel and created songs that has crossed the genre lines. Everyone song is filled with so much emotion that even if you haven't experienced what the lyrics refer to, you still feel what the words..

If I was the Source magazine, i would undoubtedly given Beyonce 5 mics.. but since she isn't a rapper, though tracks like Diva would beg to differ, she deserves five mics :).

If you haven't gotten I am.. Sasha Fierce, get get get it...

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