Wednesday, December 10, 2008

monotonous routine.

i leave for texas today. well later on today. i want to take quiznos on the bus with me.. along with some more snacks. 19hrs is crazy, but we'll manage. Ugh. Should've just got the damn plane ticket.. Anywho, i'm so tired of this. I just need a break. I don't want to do anything else in this crazy world but be a writer. i mean, there is no need for a fall back plan. There is no other options but to do this.. if this doesn't work then what will?? I mean, I'm content with not having alot of MONEY. Money does not rule me. Satisfaction is the key to forever, along with sobriety and blissfulness. I can only do so much.. I just want to be happy. This is making me happy. Why not do it for a living. I don't need much, just this right here.. umm yeah.

sucky this has happened. he hasn't called yet. he deleted me from his friends list. i guess he was serious. ha. fuck him. that is all i have to say. its sad, true enough but i mean he thinks im usch a psychotic bitch and whatnot.. i can so do better. everyone wants the same thing.. im different. they ccant handle the different type of female. the one who knows what she wants and just keeps it moving.. love? fuck it. i love me, thats all that really matters.

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♥ Jasmine Charnelle said...

girl i feel is some bullshit (at least for right now in college lol)