Thursday, December 4, 2008

the bumbled bee.

It has come to my attention that I never really SAY exactly what I want to say. I always talk around it or try to re-vamp it to make it seem a tad bit more poetic.. I hate when people ask me to describe myself.. I tell them to read my blogs because I don't know what to say.. "just can't seem to find the words.."

One day, I will write a novel. About what, that's the problem. I'm going to write for Essence. Or Vibe. Seventeen. Who knows? That is my ULTIMATE goal. That is all I want to do. I think.

I somewhat want to go to law school.. but I'm a procrastinator.. by heart.
So that may not be the RIGHT path to take.

I write how I think. Rarely check for spelling or grammatical errors. Ignore the standards of English language writing. If it comes out completely juvenile and uneducated, thats how its supposed to be, i suppose. Maybe its just my way of swaying away from being pedestrian.

This is the third blog of the night.. Well morning. Some random lady left me a comment.. I like random people. Its nice to know that other people besides your friends read what you right. She said that love should not be twenty minute intervals, or something to that effect. True.

My musical taste is as random as I. I am a sucker for great vocalists & performers. Mariah & Whitney were ALWAYS a fave.. But of course music was so much better late 80s-90s era. I LOVE Prince. He=AWESOME. Even one of his more current songs.. "I just can't stop writing songs about ya.. I love you so much." If you haven't noticed, love songs TICKLE'd the fancy :) I got absorbed in this rock era music... I have no idea why. Simplicity is always better. No need for any difficult riffs & runs or a overly produced track. Just a little Queen, and I'm good. "BICYCLE".. have you heard it?? so vividly bland. LOVE it. Of course, the Beatles. AWESOME. Who can deny that. David Essex.. that one song though, Rock On.
Michael Jackson.. you must admit he is a musical genius. Erykah Badu. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is the BEST album. :)
Okay, so i love Beyonce. Duh. I'm still a sucker for Britney Spears. *Nsynce. BSB.. I was soo a "teeny bopper" hahaha. Rihanna is a style inspiration. Who knew a hair cut could be so.. idk. Now the chick eXTRA famous, can barely hold two notes together. Her high notes consist of singing thru her nose, lol.

So thats about all I can say for now. Still sipping Dr Pepper :)


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