Saturday, December 20, 2008


Where to begin?! So much has been going on.. maybe I should just start with the most recent.. catch up time shall be later. So i have started on the yearly evaluation of people in my life.. Yes, I evaluate the PEOPLE in my life.. It really gets serious. So serious. I feel as if you don't add to or improve my life then why bother? If I can honestly see how my life would be better or pretty much un-changed without you in it then.. why waste my time and energy?! Its nothing petty and it's definitely no animosity between me and those persons who have been removed. It's just LIFE. It is too short to be bothered with nonsense or with people who only find happiness in making others feel sad. I like to have fun. I am a tad bit messy at times.. but I am never hurtful. I never harm others. I rather help you than hate you.

It kind of sucks because some people are awesome friends.. until the OTHER aspects show up. Like how they conduct themselves in public. If I want to be THIS, you doing THAT is not helping. Yes I know i'm nowhere near perfect but I just don't feel that this individual adds substance to my life.

So I finally gave that guy a piece of my mind. Thats another blog all together. I'll write it separately..

oh yeah, the top 10 annoyances coming soon :)

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