Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ego? for what?!

"It's too big, it's too wide.. too strong, won't fit"? Now, before Beyonce released this single I knew a few guys who thought this was true but of course it wasn't. SMH. I was really cool with this one guy. He was absolutely beautiful and i was instantly smitten with him. He'd always just hang out with me outside after I was coming from the library or just met me to walk me back to campus. sometimes we'd just sit out and talk. We even communicated all throughtout the break and we never even kissed before. Well of course, after I got back to campus after christmas break I just knew we'd be together. I mean we talked about all that good ish. He was so cool. We had alot in common. he even talked to my mom on a few occasions. Awesome guy. So one night we're in his room and we're just chillen. Talkin. Drinking. The usual. I'm not getting drunk though, just sipping.. Then of course things began to progress. You know kissing and whatnot...

soon the kissing became intense. alot of touching.. really passionate. YOu already know whats bout to happen next. I'm very observant.. so even though all the lights were off, i could still see him pull out a condom and place it on the edge of the bed while we're kissing. I pay it no mind.. but quickly swiped it off the bed and kicked it under the bed so he couldn't find it. By now he's naked.. and i'm trying to see what he's workin with before I decide to go there with him.. Hmmm.. i take a look at it and i see its not really impressive. but maybe he's not "up" yet.. so i coyly ask him in his ear was he "excited" and he says yes and frantically starts to look for the rubber.. well he couldn't find it.. but i got a glimpse of his package from the street light beamin thru the window.. oh my. it was the size of my thumb. literally my thumb. and i have the smallest hands for an adult woman! width & length. my thumb. 2-3inches erect. wtf. i made up some excuse bout how we couldn't have sex and that it would just be awkward or i couldn't do it.. and got up and left in a huff. didn't even ask for him to walk me back. i was pissed.

he talked about sex soo much and i just knew he was packing. but he was clearly the smallest guy i've ever met. but he's beautiful. I don't see how anyone could have sex with that.. i think i'd smother him =/ I feel bad because after that encounter I never hung with him again. Rejected movie dates, study sessions.. everything. I just couldn't see myself forming anything with him.

Maybe i'm worst off than guys who can't seem to get with someone who cant please them sexually. I know he could be a nice guy but luckily he wasn't. He told me his views on women. I knew he only wanted sex (later on.. found out the hard way). I even found out he had sex with a "friend" who was inexperienced who said he was horrible.

Glad i didn't find out the hard way.. *more to come*


Jessica said...

lol... i talked to a guy and wow.
4 inches erect.
smallest shit i had EVER seen.
but i really liked him so i was willing to make things work out.
we never had sex and then he ended up being an asshole and now i'm moping around about him.
but i know if we did do it, i'd probably have dropped his ass before he dropped mine.

Bee Michelle said...


i'm sorry if i saw his penis i would just laugh and go away. I can't even be his friend in that way.

He has no reason to be an ass because I'm pretty sure he has no idea how to please a woman with his lack of equipment.

Stand strong. Its hard for us to get over some of those who have done us wrong even if we can say out loud how much of a douche they really are.

It all comes with time. You can do it!