Thursday, June 25, 2009

Annoyance of 2009

I have a BIG annoyance with the vast number of faux artsy fartsy people who i've come in contact with over the last 2-3yrs. You know the ones who just follow the crowd and become deeply involved into poetry & spoken word, drastically change their hair to some weird bright color, extremely short, dreads etc; then mysteriously turn gay like its the "new black". The attention seekers. Those who just became fans of Erykah Badu & Lauryn Hill's OLD ish last fall. The people who jump on the latest "hot" artist like he is God Send. The people who join the poetry group; try to portray what they think a spoken word artist should sound like. Or want to be a rapper/singer.. But really have no talent. I honestly feel like most people do spoken word when they don't have a REAL talent in a pageant or something. Its like "I can read & change my voice at the correct moment.. Getting louder when I feel the audience should give me a sound reaction". Faux artsy.

They become vegan or stop eating beef because its healthy for them yet.. they still eat fried chicken. That aint healthy. Faux artsy people are just big contradictions themselves.. But I kinda am too. Oh well. At least i'm not trying to be contradictory.. i just have that type of life.. :)

I know everyone is supposed to find themselves in college but must you just conform to how the "cool kids are"? WTF?! .. ugh.

thats all i have to say. Just because you change your hair, spruce up your wardrobe, smoke weed and engage in bi-curious activities doesn't change YOU. Its all a facade. Take off the makeup and look in the mirror.

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