Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hauntings of My Mind..

Where shall i begin.. Oh lets just speak the normal blabber jabber that im notorious for. Disregard the horrible grammar but my thought process has yet to be molded by the great english professors of spelman ha.ha.

My fears.. I'm really afraid of the dark.. but only because I always feel as if there is something lurking in the shadows or in the closet watching me. I get the weirdest vibe when I fall asleep in my room so I prefer to sleep on the couch. Everytime I lay down to sleep or nap I feel like death is only moments away. Its a really strange feeling. Its like an intense feeling that overcomes me. Imagine someone pressing an anvil on your forehead and you have to push it off with your thoughts along. ok that made no sense but it scares me..

Sometimes I think that i'm already dead and this is just the "after life" that i'm living and at the end I'll get to watch this tape back and relive it all over and over again. What is that is all life is. A repetition of scenes recorded in our minds that we have to watch from start to finish over and over again. Like a virtual reality world.

I still believe there is some unknown presence in my room. A haunting soul. Its the creepiest part of the house. Idk why. Weird things happen. I can be in any other room and it all seems normal.. but that room. That window.. that closet. The window really freaks me out. i have to have the blinds & curtains closed at all times. The closet is creepy because I'm pretty positive something threw my sleeping bag out of it.. It couldn't have fell down from the shelf. It had to have a force to act upon it because of the distance and height it came out straight on before falling straight down at least a yard away from its original position.

Maybe its all in my mind. but i'm not crazy :)

I had a conversation with my cousin.. but it won't fit this.. to be continued.

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