Monday, June 29, 2009


Orgasmic let down. Hot ass mess. Ghetto. SMH
Lets go from beginning to end.. Um too much profanity. We are honoring a LEGEND. Why are we cussing every three seconds? For a Michael Jackson tribute I expected way more and time after time were left wanting more.. After every commercial break I was anticipating something that just didn't come..

Like New Edition had the WORST performance. Singing was awful. They all sounded horrible. And then dude actually did a disgusting Tongue Flick?! Ew.. Like you're singing the jackson five! they were not disgusting in performances. So disrespectful. I felt bad for everyone over the age of 10 in the audience. Even Joe Jackson was there.. Don't do that in front of him!

Even my girl Beyonce.. Ok. That was the same performance from her concert. She sounded nice but I thought she was going to do an MJ tribute song.. Or perform Ego. Hell that is her current single.

Keri Hilson did awesome. I hate to admit that because I'm a die hard Bey STAN lmao. But its true. Miss Keri baby killed it. That was until the super awkward way she ended it.. Everybody was like what?! Are we supposed to join her? lmao. Idk. The MJ costuming was cute. Her mic work was awesome. She had to prove that she has evey right to be the best new artist..

On to Mr. Jamie Foxx. I thought he was going to be the host.. not just a headlining performer & MJ tributer. His jokes were lackluster. His performances were good though. Loved how he & Neyo worked together. Neyo killed it on the vocals though. I never realized how great his voice is. It really did remind me of Michael...

Monica & Keyshia Cole's performance was good.. solid. Preferred hearing Monica. I mean Monica outshined Keyshia..

The oldies were one of my favorites.. lol. Keith sweat.. still sounds the same. Guy. BelBivDevoe (BBD) of course were nice to see on stage expecially since I've gained a new love for the song Poison since it was played at every college function, step show,house party etc..

The O'Jays tribute was good as well. I just love good singers. Trey, Tyrese & Johnny Gill are just that.. Though Mr Gill is a bit old school himself.

Drake & Weezy. Oh my. Just awkwardly bad. I was like why is Drake sitting down?! He is not in a wheelchair in real life.. & even that shit rolled. (I later learnt he hurt his leg/ tore his ACL.. which i know is very painful so he gets a "better luck next time") & then those lil girls on stage & ish. You know that was Lil wayne's daughter & I think Tiny's daughter & some other fast ass girls lol. I mean I wish I could fuck every girl in the world isn't somethin you'd want your daughters to be around.. awkward. & then why did Wayne & Baby nem perform that song that nobody really knows and nobody actually likes. Well i don't like it. I'm just saying.. And all that bleeping which BET MISSED.

Drake has never been a favorite artist of mine. I don't understand his hype. I liked him on Degrassi & was listening to his music because of that but with sooo much hoooplah surround him you'd think he would be great. As a new artist you have to give your all and he clearly isn't.

ok lets wrap it up. The whole show was a mess.

I'm gonna put on a tribute for the great Michael Jackson. Why didn't Chris Brown perform?! Ok so he beat Rihanna's ass. So WHAT?! He admitted his guilt and is working on becoming a better man. We all make mistakes, our's just aren't broadcast for the whole world to see. I mean Rihanna wasn't too hurt if her ass was STILL tryin to get Breezy. She should be penalized for being a stupid girl cuz if he was abusing her she should've had enough sense to leave. He was wrong too.. but this was supposed to be a Michael Jackson tribute and it just was a C for effort.

They need a re-do. This awards show sucked. At least in previous shows Beyonce came out and got everybody hype. The only good "popular" upbeat songs were Keri & Souljah Boy.

Tiny ass is just an embarrassment. Why does she talk like that?! Ghetto ass. I can't watch her new show. All of BET's new shows are gonna be a mess. Can we just boycott BET now?! I'll form a new station if you're with me.. Lets do it. We can do much better than this fuckery and niggashyt.

The Bet Awards embarrassed all black people. thats final..

I'm out. I'm mad. ugh.

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