Thursday, June 25, 2009

Changes 6.8

I got tired of the black background so I made it white. Instantly made the mood a bit more inviting. A black blog with neon colors is soooo oldies anyways. I had that same mindset for the old tripod account wayyy back lmao :)

I have come to realize that I often make my self out to be the victim A LOT. I'm always on some dramatic trip about how this guy sucks or how my life is just so blahh. Well I am to blame. Duh. Of course I do find myself being in the most "fucked up of situations" I still can't put the blame solely on the opposing party. Half of the time the persons whom I am angry with don't even know that I am so why bother.

I contradict myself all the time.. but hey that's me.

I get so upset at this guy that I like who I guess has a thing for me too because he has a girlfriend and I feel that he talks to me way more than he talks to her. Why? I'm jealous. I'd love for him to break up with her. That just seems so wrong but it is the truth. You can't help who you like.. I'll never tell him that he should break up with her though. That is all types of bad in my opinion.

I am like the textual mistress. Najee called me the mistress once. It made me kind of mad since I had that idea in my head already. He was clearly only kidding and I was mad at myself, not him. Anywho, I'm a natural gabber. You can talk to me about anything and I can hold a conversation with anywho. Somehow the conversation lands on sex alot with some people which is how I weed them out of the potentials list.

there is a guy.. his blog is pretty awesome. I don't think I know him, but i read some entries today. Very entertaining.

I'm gonna start the cleanse diet thing. You know I'm all for fads. I would love to go out running but I live in Texas. Today it is 104 I believe.. the Heat index is 108. Um I would die if I ran. Its 80-90 at NIGHT!! Too hot to sweat so my only option is this liquid diet. No solids. This means NO splashtown saturday =/ I think i have too much pudgelle for a bikini. I mean I know there will be women and men with far worst bodies than I.. You know how waterparks are. I just don't wanna be that girl with the jiggling booty/thighs and plumpish midsection

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