Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm not crazy.. i'm just a lil unwell

I was recently conversing with Cousin and he informed me that ALL guys say the same thing about me.. I'm crazy, psycho, bi polar.. etc. I don't know why they think that I said.. & he informed me of how I act around guys and things that I have said..

Okay, so if you want to know why the young one thought I was crazy.. There was this one incident where I told him I had a list of 101 ways to kill and torture him and how I could cover up my tracks so that I would not get caught. Realistically I didn't. I promise. But he believed me.. Maybe because i've tried to stab him with a screw driver & the look in my eyes when i did it.. He always hid anything sharp from me, razors, scissors, etc. What a scary ass. Ok so now that I look back that was crazy.. i really liked him tho and i didn't appreciate how he tried to treat me smh.

Idk.. What is crazy about me? I just have this thing in my head where I say or do things as if there is a camera recording it. Like i'm in a movie.. Sometimes I'm actually acting out a scene in my head like "it would be really entertaining if i said this.. did that" and I do it to get a reaction. I'm just kidding though! I think it is funny to get a reaction. I always say jk.. but dudes never believe that.

Cousin says that's why I'm single. I appear to be crazy to guys. I still say that most dudes are intimidated by me and my bluntness. & i don't give the 'right' guy a chance. I am my own worst enemy. Who cares.

I enjoy being single until i'm stuck being 3rd & 5th wheel all the damn time.

Maybe I should cross over?? Ok.. I'm now accepting all races. :)

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