Tuesday, October 5, 2010

All Ex-Fat Girls KNOW that...

"Just because it zips, doesn't mean it fits."

So i know i haven't updated you on my DIET in months! That's because I gave it up and stopped looking at the scale. I haven't saw my weight since August, and then it was 168lbs. Since August, I've noticed many people telling me that I look slimmer & complimenting me on my weight loss. Stunned, I was. I mean, I haven't really paid it much attention but I have subconsciously watched my daily intake. Portion controlling. Making sure I don't completely over do it. I wouldn't call it a "diet" though... I still eat whatever I want. It's mainly because I haven't been home in forever so not that many home cooked meals. You've seen the pics I guess.. I have definitely slimmed down a lot. I have started to see a little abage... I'll get on a scale tomorrow and update you :)


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