Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Think, Therefor I am..

Hi. My name is Billow. 

Meet Christmas. My niece :)

I think I'm Frankie. 

I think I'm Jane.

I think I'm Foxy.

I think I'm Sapphire.

I think I'm Cleopatra.

I think I'm Erykah.

I think I'm Farrah. 

Learned a stretching technique. Great if you're a lazy & remedial hair stylist like myself. Co-wash hair with hello hydration. Add your fave leave-in & detangle. Brush hair while still kinda wet into bun. I prefer high or mid bun. Let hair air dry for a couple of hours. Take hair down while its still a bit damp & spray S-curl spray. Finger comb & fluff all over. Hair should be stretched out. Add favorite headband & carry on. BAM. I think I'm fly. Therefor I am Fly. 

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Anonymous said...

I Think you look amazing.