Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Hair Update

This is my hair (on webcam) after I co-washed with Hello Hydration=]

As you can see, my hairline is full of loose curls. (see the straighter ends)

And I'm desperately looking for scarves!

I know you wanna see how my hair REALLY looks up close so I have NIKON shots *happy dances* Unfortunately I look beyond horrible but at least you can see my curls ;)

This is how my hair looks with little product. No gel, no butter, no oil-- just co-washed/a wee bit of leave in & i let it air dry. If I were to use some oils, my curls would be VERY defined (I just didnt have the effort today.. feeling weak).

**Also I've learned that my hair hasn't been growing as fast as others because I don't take vitamins! I'm also severely anemic and I haven't taken my iron pills in like a year. I forgot that affected my hair growth when I was relaxed.. as well as my health. So now I'm taking all my pills and HOPEFULLY next year I'll be at my hair length goal** It's almost 2 years since my last relaxer!!!

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