Sunday, October 17, 2010

Homecoming Hair

I was standing in line for the bathroom last night at some party (#SHSUHOMECOMING) and I saw like three girls with TWA's and another one with a fro an inch shorter than mine. She looks over at me & says "I like your hair". Now to ANYONE with natural hair this is the ULTIMATE compliment. Especially when you've been dying out to tell her "I like your hair too..". Instantly bonded. We discussed how long we've been natural. Her two year naturalversary is coming up in February. So cool because I got my last relaxer two years ago this month. ^_^. Our hair is basically the same length & a similar texture so it gave me reassurance that I have normal growth. I don't spend hours on my hair & I don't invest MUCHO dinero on it either. :)

Back to my hair. I've tried this new "style". Everyone knows how I LOVE my side bang. I wanted to rock an 'updo' of sorts since the blown out fro is a bit MUCH for everyone on a daily basis. Took about six bobby pins and pulled my hair up as far as it would go. Slightly slanted to the left. Voila! My signature style.

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