Thursday, October 14, 2010

Throwback Thursday - B2k

LMAO hilarious.. ahem, lemme do it. Yo wassup fellas, I'm Bee.. and I'm a Virgo.. And I know exactly what a guy wants. Beleeee dat..

Yo..wassup ladies Im Omarion,Im a scorpio and I know what a girl needs

Yo wassup ladies this is JBoog,and Im a leo..yea and I know exactly what it is..that a girl wants..believe dat..yea

Yo..this Raz,and Im a gemini,and I know exactly..what a girl wants... come holla at me

[Lil Fizz]
Yo Yo..wassup ladies this Lil Fizz,and Im a sag.,and I know all the things that a girl needs..ya heard..aight lets go fellas

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