Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My 1,000th Post

I've been putting off writing this post because I was looking for something special to do to commemorate this day. Alas, I am here with nothing profound to say or a reason to hold the "contest" I thought of originally. I mean, no one seems to read blogs anymore. No one seems to care about my writing anymore. The only reason I seem to get hits is when someone googles something and stumble upon the name "Vividly Bland". I shouldn't care about views. I'm not getting paid to blog. I'm not getting anywhere near my ultimate goal. Vividly Bland isn't paying my bills. Seems pointless to try to make this into a career. I still love blogging and writing and voicing my opinion, I just don't have the same feelings about the blog. Twitter killed the blogger. This is so true. Tumblr as well. (

Anywho, this is the 1,000th post. I'm still thinking of how I can become closer to my dreams. If I have to write my ass off until the day I die, someone will hear what I have to say and I'm sure I'll make it MY way.

Thanks for reading.



Anonymous said...

Bee I read your blog everyday. Don't think you do not have followers because you do. Keep it up!

Bee Michelle said...

Thanks hun =]

subspencious said...

I read your blogs too. to bad its against policy to tell people to click on the ads. but think if this as an hobby. :)

Bee Michelle said...

thanks :)

yeah too bad. if only it weren't. we'd be in the money.