Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bee Days

So as you all know yesterday was my twentieth birthday, aka my BEE DAY.
ahem, sooo much better than last year :)

went to the world of coca cola.. & then benihana's where I realized that I do not like sushi.
i knew i wasn't wrong ugh..
i still HATE seafood. even shrimp.. yucky.

so yeah..
i mean, at least i tried it right??

we got into the world of Coke for FREE. ,<< my favorite word.

thats basically it..

oh yeah, so that "dude" who shall remain anonymous, had the audacity to think that I would blow off my friends to go "freak" with him.. smh
excuse YOU!!
i'll never put a dude before my girls.. EVER.
unless we're in a relationship.
he only wanted SEX.
i just can't have ANY dude try and make me do something..
not gonna happen.
i am GROWN as hell;
i am SINGLE;
and i do as i please..
if i WANNA be with this dude tonight, i will be with that dude tonight..
if i wanna be with my girls, i'm chillin with them..
and if i just want to be a bitch and be by myself for a little while THEN chill with my dude then thats what I will do..
i just can't have ANYBODY make me do ANYTHING that i don't wanna do..

i'm twenty. i'm grown. i'm looking for a job :)

help me out mmkay??

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