Sunday, September 14, 2008

fuck IKE

my latest obsession is hating these darn hurricanes.
world must be ending soon.
we should all go GREEN. and stop global warming.
because of IKE, i had to um wait 2 days before i spoke with my family..
i miss my mommy dearest.. ugh.. this sucks =[
i miss my brothers & lil sis too.. plus my cousins and such.

everybody is having kids BUT me..
well i mean, i'm not mother material but i just think that i'm too old now..
tomorrow i will be twenty years old and im still unemployed.

umm yeah, what else???

i'm BROKE because of IKE.
and moody..

so everytime i go out and have fun or party he thinks that i end up having sex with somebody?? hahaha NOT even.

i mean, its not hard at all for me to lay up and get it but just because i'm slightly inebriated doesn't mean you will find me laid up..

you have to have standards and know your limits..

i could've had sex but guys have morals these days lol

anywho i'm done.

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