Sunday, September 28, 2008

blabber jabber

hmm, i feel like its time i write a note that has no significance to the world whatsoever..just a regular note that shouldn't get ANY comments or attention besides the usual random glances; a freakin boring ass note that should not spark any meaningful conversations at all..
so with that being said;

i just took a shower.. i love hot water.. and then at the very end of my shower once i'm all so fresh and so clean, clean-- i often turn the water from scalding hot to cold and yeahh.. thats funny. i like to joke alot

i had an interesting conversation with a guy last night. asked me where have i been all semester.. "i've been right HERE". thats the story of the day.. I'm always right here, you just don't see me.. I'm trying to do this thing call blend in a fit in amongst the general public.. haha. you know the girl who wears this bright ass orange huddy yet still expects to be under the radar. ha. so not a bright idea to wanna be lowkey yet wearing the loudest colors smh.anywho, the guy also said i was cute. thanks. i like cute. makes me feel like a young pup.. a mere babe and not some overgrown ass twenty year old WHO looks like she's a fresh eighteen.

some guys think i'm funny.. and laugh at everything i say; even when i'm trying to be serious but only because when i really try to get a point across i become very passionate about it and my passionate face is plastered on, well my face and yeahh i began to say weird things, awkward things. and then he laughs. like its a joke. and i'm soo serious.and i'm an awkward turtle for real. i think everything is know like nakedness is awkward. and just the regular umm lemme spit that la la la and then you can come and spit that la la la and we can just la la la together.. hahaha"i want to become ONE with you" by far the funniest thing i've heard this week.

umm DRY HATING was what some chick named amanda brooks accused my friend of doing. too bad i don't know who she is nor do i know what dry hating is. i guess its like moist hating after all of the moisture has evaporated.. but then shouldn't it be called evaporated hating?? hmmm.. idk but i just feel like she is a sad human being who believes that having 1000 facebook friends makes her important. I mean, its not like she's networking or anything.. and i hope she knows that random guys add girls allllll the time so its nothing to be bragging about. [shameless bragging to start in 4...3...2...1..]

i mean, right now i have 23 unanswered friend requests and i'm not bragging!!

there's a picture of me and i look skinny in it.. hahaha so cool.umm yeah another awkward turtle situation.i had a conversation with an old flame about being a sperm donor.. hmmmm...
its only because i've come to the conclusion that I probably won't get married so if i do want a kid i'd have to pay a guy to skeet skeet and bang bang. okay maybe not pay, but ASK. nicely of course.but i don't want kids.. Alot of ppl don't know me so i guess i shall let it be known certain facts about myself..

i mean if you read between the lines you may be able to understand me and then possibly .. idk. it doesn't matter.i like pictures of myself because i like looking at myself.. and trying to remember what i was thinking when that picture was taken.i think my boobs are growin but heyy whose counting the cuppage??

anywho i'm done.