Monday, September 22, 2008


my fave drink in atl? cherry coke :)

why?? its better than Mr Pibb; the alternative to Dr Pepper..

and i like cherries~

so really i should be writing this Shakespeare open response but of course i need to vent & rave;

you know i LOVE to vent & rave--


so the other night Otis calls me *lol*

yess indeed he does.. wants to check out my myspace.. WOW.

i know lame right?? my myspace is kid tested & mother approved these days.. so of course i added him.. He actually spent all that time looking through ALL of the albums that i had viewable just to see ME. wow. umm yeah..

so you know it gets BETTER. Why this dude have the nerve to say "i know you got some ass shots.." LMAO.

Ok. I let him have it, and i shall say it AGAIN..

"women who respect themselves won't post degrading and explicit pictures of themselves in their underwear on myspace. if i want to get down like that, i might as well take them to playboy and get paid"

**FYI** I'll never pose nude.. lol

Now, I'm not downing anyone for posing nude, if its done tastefully of if that's what your GROWN behind wants to do. Its your body.. but seeing as some in his past have pics like that maybe he thinks that's ME.

NO. not BEE.

I have a 13 year old sister whose watching my every move plus my 6 year old and 5 year old cousins who idolize me.

I have to at least make SOME responsible decisions for the sake of those who look up to me.

that's ALL i have to say.

hope the public appreciates my rants..

oh yeah boys suck

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