Friday, September 12, 2008


even though i'm all the way in atl i'm worried bout my ppl..

took a quiz 2day in shakespeare; hopefully i did AWESOME.
CIS sucks..

those were the only classes i had 2day. lucky me.

BEE day festivities start this weekend. =]
i will be twenty years old on tuesday. thats ancient.

okay, so here's the DRAMA..

so my weight has been an issue since the beginning of time..
when i'm skinny i'm anorexic looking and when i'm NOT skinny i'm "rotund" lol
so now i'm in this inbetween stage where my weight is cool but i need to still tone it up.
of course some guys want to mold me into this video vixen type girl and thats not my style.

i know i have an ass but thats natural.
i will NOT have some guy come to me and try to CHANGE me.
Sorry i don't have abs.. sorry i don't have long hair down to my ass.
Sorry that everytime you saw me, i'm dressed completely down..
do you wanna know why??

If you can't accept me at my worst, you most definitely don't deserve me at my BEST.

If you can not see my beauty without the makeup and revealing clothing then you don't like ME.

I'm a trainwreck in the morning.. yes thats true.
can you handle it??


so you don't deserve ME.

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