Sunday, September 7, 2008

Depths of My Mind

What do i wanna do??

i wanna be a writer mama, i wanna sing!!


my voice sucks. my words don't.

my true love is words..

some ppl like music but i guess im different..

i get that almighty high from the alphabet..
these 26 letters can make so much..

on to something else. i'm lonely.

it sucks.

i had a crush on jojo but he don't love me no more..


jojo sucks..

he knows what he did..

i wish jojo was the one..

but i know he's not..

i think i will end up in south dakota.


i'm thirsty..

machine stole my last 3 quarters..

bank of america stole $100 from me..

i'm broke.

this is NOT the life..

i'm homeless still.

it sucks..

im bumming my friends out..

oh yeah, the gave me a card..

its soo cute.

and nice.

i love them.

i feel bad..

i want to be loved.

they love me so i guess i am loved.


it means ALOT to me..

i wish i could tie you up in my shoes, make you feel unpretty too..

oh yeah, my newest obsession.

weird songs..

ok not weird.

i like solange.. T.O.N.Y is my fave.

new beyonce album is comin in november.
i like Stop Sign.

BEE Day in 4 days ;)

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