Monday, March 9, 2009

the little bitch that couldn't.. part 1

sometimes i feel like i'm TOO nice.. I try to solve my problems verbally without getting an attitude to actually get a resolution worked out but sometimes that doesn't work. I'm tired of being the bigger person and just laughing in your face because it indeed takes alot to make me mad.. Why must you be such a bitch all the time and say the same thing over and over again like i'm simple minded??

i'm tired of hearing such mess. i rather be in a bubble than within 100 miles of that ish. I can do soo much more.. I can be such a bratty little girl but i'm not.
I could destroy this little fairytale but i won't. ha. what a bitch.

so today i was with the Diva. she is AMAZING. I heart jam's mom. tomorrow hornets @ hawks game in atl. :)


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