Monday, March 16, 2009

How To Save a Life

Today me, mea & w saved a life..
okay sooo all i did was sit out and direct the fire trucks to the right building.. But still I helped..
So as soon as i'm walkin in mea was like do u smell smoke.. and im like nooo but as soon as i came inside i smelt something burning. like paper or candles. i was like what are yall burning? of course nothing.. we could hear the smoke detector going off and we freaked.. knocked on the door below and thought no one was home.. sooo we called 911. Atlanta is sooo extra.. Five police cars were dispatched along with four fire trucks two emergency vans and an EMT all for one apartment. Anywho, after many failed attempts to knock the door down, they finally got inside to the man.. he coulda died.. it was sooo much smoke. scary..
i think he was mad they broke down his door but at least we're all alive.. whew.
so how do you save a life?? Follow your instincts and call 911. lol
basically we didn't want our apartment to catch fire being that it was right below us..

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