Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lady in the streets

So, this is the vid that me, emcee & jam made.
How fun..

Ughh.. so i really need to figure out what i want to do with my life.. and my hair.
a part of me wants to get a perm.. but i love this naturalness. So maybe weave is the only option.. hmm.. what do you think??

If i do get weave, i want big massive wavy/curlyness. Or a short straight look with a long bang in front. hmmmm...

So need to go shopping.. I wanna go out this weekend.
If i get in touch with ol' girl we'll def be on the scene.
Or i'll be running away from my stalker.. Yes my stalker
So this guy, Tae, gets mad cuz i didnt have sex with him. mmmkay makes me walk home at 2am in the HOOD (i only stay 5mins away from him but still not safe) yells out to me if i was gonna call him. Hell no. Anywho, the next day he blows my phone up trying to get near me.. Ahhh! no. Im over it. Blamed it on his hormones and recreational drug use. Anywho, Beezy left it. He knew someone else was at my house. sends the same text 10times in a row.. blahhh.
Luckily i told him there was no use tryin to get on my good side again. That me ignoring him was a sign to MOVE on not try harder.. he got the hint. I'm DONE. Kinda like with K.. He's really feeling that chick now i suppose. Lol. The one he always claimed as JUST his friend. Right..

My "boo" is coming to visit next month :) hahaha.Cant wait. Lets see what type of dramz this starts. Still having dreams of babies.. Someone i know is preggerz. Lets see who..

Waiting for Beyonce Ego video. On another diet.. Lol. I'm almost a 36C.. im an inbetween B/C girl. What a drab. Soo off to la la land.
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