Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brenda's Gotta Baby

What a week.
spring break... where am i going? Ummmmmm :)
Last night, I was with *Devon*. Fun times. YOu know i have a thing for hood niggas. ahhh. Wondrous.

Umm, My eyes are sore.. ughhh. I think i'm gettin sick...
anywho so my boobs are sore as well.. and a bit swollen. all side effects of the birth control. ehh weird. They are like Cs almost. Idk.. 34/36Bs are a bit snug.. like bulging boobs.

I am supposed to be visiting a very special someone in texas next week.. you know for spring break.. umm Yeah. So thats like the fiance.. I think he's trying to impregnate me.. that wont happen.

especially since i had the dream about the kid.. not once but three times. One dream I just had a swollen belly and I was sad bein preggerz and all. Then came the one when I had a newborn baby girl.. Baby was pale as shit.. (WHO da poppa?! lmao) but i wasn't with her father.. Ummm The lastest was a visit to the fu*fi's house & seeing a chubby 2yr old.. Umm yeahhh turned out to be a little boy who looked exactly like me.. wow.. umm okay. Weird. Guess thats my child

so whats with these dreams??
Do i want kids? NO! Why am i constantly having dreams about my future children.. Ugh.. so i'm careful... no kiddos anytime soon.

think im gettin sick. sorry

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