Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Stalker Chronicles

So.. if you read any previous post you'd know about Tae, the "hood guy" I met back in January.. And then he turned into a stalkerish type dude.. Here is an account of what went down; ahem.

At around 10pm I get a text from Tae sayin Wat up baby. Of course I ignored him. So my friend came over & we were watchin "The Devil Wears Prada" when he texts again askin WHO IN YO ROOM?? WHO WIT U?? wtf.. oh hellll NO. So i ignored that too.. turned my lights off and freak'd out. Text'd him the followin morning asked what his problem was.. "i just wanted to see you..."

Ignored again.. Then once I'm home.. He calls.. while im textin so i accidentally answered. smh. So he's calling me baby. Telling me to come outside.. He just wants to see me. Give me a kiss.. Do you miss me?? Umm no, i don't miss you, i'm not kissing you i'm not coming outside. He knocks on the door.. Just answer.. I'm not at home.. (but i was) then he says yes you are, i see you peepin out yo window.. (i was not lookin outside..) So i began to explain to him that i was pretty sure their was nothin between us.. That if there was any attraction, its gone now. Everything was over.. He then said "We didn't decide on that, you did." its not over unless we said so.. Oh gosh no. He then invites me to Benihana's.. Anywhere i wanna go.. Baby give me a second chance.. Ugh hell no.

-- i'm tired of writing.. to be continued..