Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You're So Gay in March

I haven't been home since friday =/ but i loooove it. Jam's ma came to town and that meant GOOD eating aka Benihana & Houston's. Shopping.. Yay!! AND Hawks vs Hornets game.. where we had OKAY seats at first then some guy saw us and decided to give us his season pass tickets which were wayy closer.. like right behind the players.. GIDDY!!! :):) Soo yeah we had a blast..

Umm, sooo much funny ish has been happening. At the game, we got the VIP passes to meet the players.. Okay so there was a guy who was trying to sale the players Plates with Obama's picture on them.. Like really?? Hahahahah funny ish.

the most ignorant thing also happened before the plate incident. i get a call from Mr. Anonymous.. hahaha so as i pick up i'm like " why is [insert loser-face's name here] calling me? this is weird.. hello?" and he decides to go OFF like cussing and ish. smh. says he'll never call again inbetween the bitch & blah blah blahz.. soo yeah, how funny. Sensitive guys are a mess. Like, grow balls and learn that me saying why is HE calling isn't me stuntin.. its me generally wondering what this dude wants by calling when he usually texts.. smh

boys suck.

enjoying SB.
cant wait to be in my baby's arms soon :)

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