Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beautiful Nightmare

(I like that song title better than Sweet Dreams lol)

So as you can probably already tell.. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Beyonce. Now I love her & I can get with just about anything she does but I am a true fan and will say when something is not up to par. I expect soo much more from her. Single Ladies was definitely the highlight from the album. Especially with the videos. After that they all became the same. Bey dancin in a leotard/black & white video/ maybe some gold colors accented. monotonous. Diva basically sucked. Ego wasn't much better. At least she changed the hair. But Sweet Dreams is different. I get it.. I still love Bey. She just needs a break. Have a kid with JayZ.. take a year off and come back & KILL it like she did the first album Dangerously In Love. That's my favorite album of hers actually. Can't you tell? Gift from Virgo is my anthem. And you probably hear it NOW :)

Now on to MY mind. I had the craziest dream that I got a toy.. It was a fake snake charming kit. Like you assembled it yourself. First was this big black tin.. you set the drum muslin over the top, and the lid.. Then u beat a drum.. but u were initially beating the drum holding the snake (fake & wooden ) & then I would beat the drums on my legs & the damn snake came after me.. I was near a pool and ran from it. The wooden snake chased me.. So i quit drumming. lol. so weird.. the thing bit me. Random as hell.. My aunt was takin pictures of me & i couldn't make the right face like i was trying to hard to look happy.

Then i woke up. Checked my phone to see if anyone texted while i was sleeping. Nope. "How I wish how I wish I could be with you right now..." el fin.

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GL0 said...

same here.. i like the Beautiful Nightmare version better, lol