Monday, February 1, 2010

For the People..

I love Bey. Hated this dress. Her body looks great in it though..

check out my Fro Sista in the back.. HEY!
Shoes giving me LIFE!!!!!
So what if RiRi wore it first? Bey looks great :)
Jay Loves her :)
Bey looked like an idiot wearing her 3D glasses. She could have let me borrow 'em
Lil Julez is adorable. :)

Who Claim that Bey & RiRi don't like each other and NEVER take pics together. BAM.

Julez was soo cute "No thank You." So polite. That's the Southern upbringing. Go Solange :) & If Bey didn't like RiRi do you THINK she'd let Rihanna touch her nephew?! Hell no!

**Did you see how Jay went from vibing & happy & grooving when Jamie performed to throwing the side eye when TPain came on stage?? oooooh*

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