Friday, February 12, 2010

This Black Pussy Doesn't Care.. hmph

John Mayer. I don't feel like discussing what he said bc.. you all know. I just have my two cents about the whole little situation. Okay. Its not surprising that he said that.. Its just surprising that he said it OUT LOUD, in an interview. Why do I say this? I have this crazy theory that we are all prejudiced or racist in our thinking. I know many of you have called a white person a HONKY or a CRACKER. If not out loud to that person, in the comfort of your own race. You've called a Hispanic person a wetback whether they were Mexican or not. You've called an Asian person a Chink. You've said that all Indians/Middle Eastern ppl/Muslims were terrorists, stink, don't believe in deodorant etc.. We are so quick to be upset when someone says NIGGA that we forget that we have a racist mind at times too. No i'm not condoning what he said. I'm not forgiving him for his actions. I just don't give a fuck really. I don't put it past any white person to use the N word. Thats how I feel. The whole world is racist to me & we accept that. You're just not allowed to be racist in public if you're a celebrity. lol. I'm not a celebrity. I'm not famous. I can say what the fuck I want.

& To everyone being sooo hurt that he doesn't like black pussy? lol.. shush. Alot of white men aren't checking for us. I don't care. I never tried to fuck John Mayer...

Now if Michael Yo ever comes out and says he doesn't like black pussy, my world may come crashing down... ahhh!!!!!

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