Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fuck Valentine's Day

With Valentine's day quickly approaching I feel the need to get alot of things off my chest. This is the 21st consecutive Valentine's Day I will be spending SINGLE. How? You ask.. Well, I don't know about why I was young & single as a little kid. I didn't really care much about guys. Plus nothing prepubescent counts. So lets say this is the EIGHTH consecutive Valentine's Day I've spent alone. Hmmm. So in High School I could never really stay with a guy for long. Mainly because I always crushed on the guy who had a girlfriend already or who was too damn old for me.. Or every guy just wanted to talk to me because they heard I was easy. Thanks Michael. Hmm. I wasn't easy though, I just really liked Michael & thought that he liked me too & that having sex with him kind of sealed the deal. WRONG. But enough of that shit. I had a guy break up with me the day before Valentine's day.. Yeah on the 13th. Apparently he wasn't ready to be in another relationship. Hmmm whatever. Yea i'm talking about you Jeremy. Those were the years when I just wanted a boyfriend so bad that I'd date anyone. I always heard from ppl "You better get with him girl! You know [insert holiday here] coming up! You gotta get something!" Smh.. so i'd talk to guys who clearly didn't really time me. They just wanted to be the talk of the locker room..

I've accepted the fact now that every guy who shows interest isn't going to like me for me but still. shit sucks. oh well. Thats why I say fuck vday. :)

This doesn't mean I haven't had Valentines though. Every year I've received something besides last year. All through high school I received flowers from guys who liked me, stuffed animals, chocolate. the sappy ish. I even received valentines from my daddy who always loves me regardless :) so yes honey, I am loved always on Valentine's Day :)

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