Friday, February 12, 2010

Fuck YOu ALL.

I may not be the best friend in the world but I try.. I mean, I'm that girl who really doesn't need friends so if I call you one you truly are special to me. One thing really agitated me this week about a certain "friend". She thought that I had told her boyfriend some things that she told me in private. Now these things that she told me would undoubtedly end ANY relationship. I said NO... I really went through my head and phone trying to figure out exactly WHO could I have told since I'm supposedly the only person she told that to. Hmmmm.. I'm still trying to figure out who I could have told. Nobody comes to mind. I mean, I know I'm the QUEEN of gossip in my own little world but I only like to spread juicy deets. Her boyfriend hitting her? Yes I told that. Of course I'd say that. I said my lil two cents to him as well as her. No secrets here about that. I really don't like her boyfriend but thats HER business, not mine. It really sucks because I've tried to be really adult about the situation but she has asked me not once, twice.. but three or more times to be 100% honest with her about everything.

You see, if I really wanted to break them up I don't need to tell him things. I can just tell her how I really feel about it all but I hold back because she is my friend & that is NOT my place. It just really irks me that she would not believe me. What have I done to make myself an untruthful person? I'm more than honest. I didn't even have a chance to spread that shit. I mean supposedly I told one of my friends who I didn't know, knew her bf & they told him everything I said. Ummmmmmmmmmmm..... yeah. I only talk to two guys from there right now. I barely talk to them now.. I haven't heard from A in weeks & S either. Unless its like a hi-bye thing. It just really irk me. & Annoys me. That is all. Hmmm.. I really am in a fuck friends mode.

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