Friday, February 12, 2010

He aint shit.

Being that its Black History Month i really don't want to say Niggas Aint Shit.. Just all bad. Okay, so there was this guy who found me on facebook (surprise surprise) & decided that he needed my number. okay, I gave it to him. We texted back & forth where he proceeded to feed me alll of the bullshit that niggas feed you when they are trying to initially get at you. Okay.. I didn't believe ONE blip of it. So he really wanted to be my man. YOu know he was "looking for a serious, relationship..." blah blah blah. & this is right at the cusp of me accepting the fact that I shall remain single until the end of the world. hmph. Anywho, we hung out once. We were supposed to have a date but somehow ended up back at his place.. mmmmhmmm. Okay so he wanted to take a nap.. then invited me to nap with him. red flag again. This lead to some pretty decent head. & NO sex. bc i saw his peen & it was not remarkable to say the least. (plz forgive the typos, my hands are frozen..) So... FFWD a few days & low & behold he has a GIRLFRIEND on facebook now. & guess what?! They are in LOVE!!!! Awwwwww. How sweet. I mean, were you really trying to form a relationship with me or you just wanted sex? dudes.. if its just lovin that u want be honest. smh. so yeah. that nigga aint shit.

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