Monday, February 1, 2010

The Grammy's

Taylor Swift won Album of the Year. Didn't think she would but then again I did. She lowkey deserved it. She sold the most albums this year. Sasha Fierce wasn't THAT great- lol. & I am a die hard Bey Stan but we all know that some songs on their were mediocre. It takes a real fan to admit this. Now Taylor's performance sucked. She sounded off key & horrible. I love that Bey did her Alanis mash up with If I were A Boy. You guys KNOW I live for "You Oughta Know". I can listen to that song every day.

I was annoyed that my people complained that the award show wasn't Urban enough. Like they don't realize there are more genres of music other than what they hear on the radio.. smh. The Grammy's is NOT our award show. That's why they created the BET awards & Soul Train awards.

My people also found some of the performances boring. IDK.. I watch the Grammy's to see who I've been sleeping on. To see what greatness I wasn't exposed to. Last year it was that AWESOME song "Stay" by Sugarland. OMG. I fell in love. This year I have a new found respect for the Zac Brown Band.

I'm a sucker for a mean fiddle. Blame this cursed Texas gal in me.

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