Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Illuminati Rant

Have you ever wondered why you never go on WHITE blogs and see them claiming their own TOP artists are apart of the Illuminati?? I swear I feel like all this "Illuminati" & Devil Worshiping nonsense was planted in the minds of black folk to make us believe that the only way OUR people could become famous/wealthy/successful is by worshiping the devil. And of course our dumb asses will believe ANYTHING "they" say. Five years ago you fools aint know SHIT about no damn Illuminati. One fuckin blog mentions it and you spotting symbols in EVERYTHING i wish i WOULD believe every fucking thing I read on mediatakeout.com...Ima stop now. I just get really upset when I see black people scream shit about the Illuminati then throw bible verses at me... -____- Name ONE white celebrity that your blogs have accused of being apart of the Illuminati. And how the fuck our unimportant asses are so privileged to know who is apart of these secret societies? We so special. Everyone always says well "THEY" said this.. but can never quite tell me who THEY actually are. Why? It's all hearsay. our people brainwash themselves. Its really sad. We accept whatever they feed us.

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Chris Castro PhD said...

Don't listen to all those conspiracy fucks, The Illuminati were just scientists who were once oppressed by the Vatican, (who started satanism to combat scientist who were willing oppose them in any way!)
The Illuminati are just way too misunderstood because of stupid people on the internet, dumb fuck conspiracy theorists, and fans who believe anything that comes out of a misinformed rappers mouth,
people who "believe and post" without enough knowledge.
let me sum it up for you
-STARTED SATANISM to combat the illuminati
-Brutalized (dragged around Rome,Branded(with the cross)tortured,etc).
-Prevented people from teaching and/or knowing the scientific truth.

-Genius individuals who helped "shape" the world as we see it today,(Freedom in every way)
-opposed the corrupt government in the renaissance.
-Scientific advances

-Get infos on "Brotherhoods" like them from creditable individuals
-forget all those conspiracy BS.

I didn't mean to offend any artist in way(some are just misinformed)