Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Post About Guy Problems

Men confuse me. If you're a frequent reader of Vividly Bland, then by now you've figured out I have the worst luck with men and my love life is damn near non-existent. Anywho, I've been in a tug-of-war of love with this guy I was involved with before I went to Spelman... Well, he has a new girlfriend now yet still holds on to me. Idk.. its a sticky situation because we both tell each other how much we care about the other but... he's with her and NOT me. I'm not sticking around to see if he'll ever get back with me.Earlier this month he & his girlfriend were having problems. Of course he talks to ME about it. He throws in this bullshit like I'm the ONLY person he trusts (Which is funny bc the main reason why he said we couldn't be together was that he didnt trust me smh) and that I'm the only person he can talk to. Whatever. I give him advice. Help him out. You know, be the friend for him. *sigh* Knowing that shit hurts me... Last week, I see him leaving my neighbors apartment and I'm furious! Idk why but I was like "You have a GIRLFRIEND?! Why are you with another chick?!" He swears its nothing. I don't believe him. So I was tweeting about this new guy I met and somehow He sees it. He doesn't even have twitter. Now i'm bombarded with questions about me & this other guy and he throws everything back in my face. How can I say i "love" him and i'm chilling with other dudes. So basically he wants to have me all to himself. He wants to be able to be in a relationship with this one girl and have me on standby if anything ever goes wrong... and for the awesome freaky sex she's not giving him. Pisses me off. I'm not letting him toy with my emotions and string me along. So yea, I met a new guy. We're kicking it hard. I cook for him. We mesh well together. And everything that YOU used to get, he's on the receiving end of. Carry on sir. Bee has moved ON.
I can't lie though. He will always have a place in my heart.. but I just know that we want two different things. I want to get married. Have kids. He doesn't plan on getting married and already has a kid.. I'm just like.. fuck it man. It's just crazy how upset his ass got when he found out that I was with a new dude.

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I feel your pain!