Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brief Bio

Ambitions? I just want to be fabulous! I want to be an actress.. A writer... I want to be a teacher... I want to be a psychologist.. Fuck that. I just want to help people-- mainly children. I enjoy volunteer work so much. I was on the board of a scholarship pageant for High School girls last year... Next year, I will become a Girl Scout Troop Leader. IDK. My ultimate life goal will be me on a beach writing my novel and volunteering in my community every chance I get. As long as I have an impact on someone's life, I'll be GOOD. I just don't want to die without having left my mark on this world. My favorite color is purple but I'm enjoying pink more now... I was never a fan of bright colors but my room is FULL of it now. I still find myself preferring to dress in all black. Food? Mexican.. Italian.. Anything cheesy.. beefy.. with a lot of sauce will end up in my mouth. I love rice too. Favorite movie is kind of hard though... I can watch "The Color Purple" all the time. I know that movie verbatim. Same with "Mean Girls". I quote that shit daily. Hobbies? Psh.. all i do now is read, blog, and work. I don't do shit else. Bar hop?? LMAO. Music? I love R&B.. Im such a hopeless romantic, i live through music. Anything by Beyonce will get me hype though. I LIVE for her. I know ALL of her choreography... If she ever became ILL at a concert, i could totally fill in. I do enjoy old school more than what's out now.. I have a thing for cheesy pop songs from the 90s. I love so many types of music.. OMG country? PSH! I even had a brief moment with gangsta rap in my younger years. My itunes shows that. You'd be like "whaaaaaat?" by the shit I listen to. Political views? Eh, I try not to get into politics because I feel that all politicians are liars and the break down of the political groups doesn't really benefit ALL of us. It's every man for themselves. But then again, I am a black female in America who feels as if NOBODY is fighting for my rights, therefor I will always fight for my own. Nobody cares about US. It doesn't matter who I voted for... I just want their to be Universal Healthcare.. I could care less if a gay person decides to get married.. Apathetic about that. Religion shouldn't have that much of an effect on... you know what. I'm not going there. lol.. Anymore questions?

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