Friday, February 27, 2009

Its Raining Frogs & Worms..

So today has been the worst day ever.. Mainly because nothing has gone my way (plus I may be receiving devastating news monday.. Lets PRAY)
So I made plans to go out on a date with this guy I met.. Our FIRST time ever hanging out you know.. I picked the usual bland date, dinner *to talk & feel him out* & movie just because I wanna see a movie. Hey, he's paying why not get a free meal & movie.. even if he is a total bore. Anywho, I washed my hair & made plans to get up EXTRA early like 8am to straightened my freshly washed & air dryed locs.. Then I was gonna go to campus to my meeting with the importante lady AND get my package.. Then go get my contacts on Forsyth & Walton..
THEN i was planning on taking a trip to Lenox & gettin a cute ensemble AND my nice mango chicken.. NONE of this happened..

For one when I woke up at 8am, I saw water droplets on my window. UM NO!! My phone began to constantly ring.. I was PISSED. I had one guy wanting to stop by.. I needed a ride since Marta was out due to the RAIN. I refuse to ride buses when its raining. wet floors irk me. Then, my cell was tripping. I definitely was not straightening my hair JUST so the humidity can make it poofy all over again so I text'd date guy to cancel.. at 12pm of course.. Umm.. Yeah ask me why he was like well how bout i just come spend the night?! hahahaha... NO. Nobody sleeps in my bed but me and my love or friends. WTF random guy.. yeah fuck the date. My ass will be solo tonight..

Um.. I didn't get my contacts.. nor my package..
And something is wrong with me.. Ugh.
Life sucks..

and yes, its raining frogs & worms.. Its a short story. Read it to your kids i guess.

a party at my house.. I'm not paying to drink though.. Maybe me, Jam & Meg can put in for our OWN bottle.. or ask J to buy it.. Juiceeee!!!

So yeah,
if you know sam.. stop by i guess.
email me for details???
that would be a nO. I didn't even promote my OWN bday party (18th) and hella random people showed up.. ahhh.

oh yea, so last night I actually spoke to my future fiance.. its LOVE. I can't wait until i go home ;):) :)
A went to La to gamble.. mmmkay. Of course he was texting me the whole way there.. Just being a lil bore using me for my entertainment then pretendin as if i was askin too many questions. Excuse me for livening up this booooring convo.
thats all.

i'm flying out to see my baby soon :):):)

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