Saturday, April 25, 2009


so by May 7th I shall be BACK in Texas- the Lone Star STATE. Ahhh home never sounded so GOOd. Ok so I'm selling all my ish on craigslist.. If its not sold by the tuesday before I leave, I'm giving it away.. I'm not taking any of that back to Tx with me. soooo if you need anything for your kitchen to start you off like knives, plates, bowls, silverware, pots, fry pans, etc.. Hit me up. I got you. Also, if ur lookin for a bed.. ahem.. I got that too :)

So my advice, never stay with a bitchy person. It doesn't work. Like our arguments are over cleaning- she says she's sooo clean but she isn't. If i leave a pan in the fridge wit food in it, its a problem. If she does- Who cares. Ummm yeahh. Not cool homie. She wanted me to wash her dishes because she doesn't like washing out pans. Grow up kid. Such a little bitch. I'd be soo happy when i'm far away from her. Needy ass. Other than that she's cool i guess. She says i'm annoying. Oh well. she's far more annoying than i.


Angel1907 said...

Hey girl, how much are you getting rid of your bed for and the other stuff?

♥ Kristina ♥ said...

Hey! How much are you trying to sell your items for? Sorry to hear about the situation with your roommate, those are never fun especially if she's the way you are describing her. Hope it all works out!

Bee Michelle said...

The bed is already being sold.. but if you wanna know about all the kitchen ish like my pot set (which my roommate called trashy- cuz they're from ikea) along with the knives, microwave, plates, bowls, saucers etc get at me on facebook and we can discuss something. microwave still is under a 2yr warranty!! just purchased in late january :)