Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tough Love?!

So I'm a reality TV fanatic and usually i only watch those shows to laugh at the dumb tricks who will do ANYTHING for the fame/money etc.. This show actually has taught me a bit, or at least made me think about MY relationship woes & the lack there of.. I began to write this post back in march but quickly lost internet service~ enjoy

So me and Emcee always have the best convos. Like ONE: We can never find movie dates but there is always some loser who wants to come over and get down and dirty. Um NO.
What happened to old fashioned courting? You know getting to know each other.. Going places. Not just the "you wanna come over to my room & chill?? We can watch movies.."
umm i have many movies at my own place to watch. I think we are worthy of bein seen in public together. Ugh.
Its really annoying cuz we all know that when a guy invites you over to chill SEX is the main thing on his mind. im all for casual hook ups. Sex is great. We all know we like it, so why front..

My problem is, its very easy to get a guy to lay up with you at night.. But not many are ready to be in a relationship. At least not with YOU. Cuz you know, you're just too sexy. LOL. I honestly thought that if i downplayed my sex appeal I could find a guy who liked me for me and not my body. Unfortunately I can't hide these god given gifts. If you've seen me lately, you'd notice that I rarely dress scandalous like i Once did. Lol. You can look at my current facebook pics and see that I have tried to downplay the va-va-voomness I naturally possess. I get dudes trying to holla when my hair wrapped up, baggy sweats and a hoodie.. Maybe its not ME. I mean, I know what i'm doing. I know how to make any guy desire me but I have yet to find a guy who can accept me for the quirky girl that i am.

A guy who can respect my writer's mind. Who knows what vividly bland means. Who actually likes to read what i write... Who doesn't mind having discussions about books & movies that don't involve killing lol. Who can watch memoirs of a geisha and get it- Who knows exactly why mean girls is so funny..

My goal.. To find a guy whose idea of fun is more than just drankin at the club or chillen with his boys. A guy who who'd have fun playing laser tag with me or miniature golf.. bumper cars. Eat ice cream while walkin around the park.. Fly kites. You know just enjoy time with each other. Lol. Maybe i'm just a kid but a laser tag bud is all i need

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